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Thinking of using Uber? They are spying quite heavily on almost everything on your phone.

Why do they need all of this???

Accounts log (Email)

App Activity (Name, PackageName, Process Number of activity, Processed id)

App Data Usage (Cache size, code size, data size, name, package name)

App Install (installed at, name, package name, unknown sources enabled, version code, version name)

Battery (health, level, plugged, present, scale, status, technology, temperature, voltage)

Device Info (board, brand, build version, cell number, device, device type, display, fingerprint, ip, mac address, manufacturer, model, os platform, product, sdk code, total disk space, unknown sources enabled)

GPS (accuracy, altitude, latitude, longitude, provider, speed)

MMS (from number, mms at, mmss type, service number, to number)

NetData (bytes received, bytes sent, connection type, interface type)

PhoneCall (call duration, called at, from number, phone call type, to number)

SMS (from number, service number, sms at, sms type, to number)

TelephonyInfo (cell tower id, cell tower latitude, cell tower longitude, imei, iso country code, local area code, meid, mobile country code, mobile network code, network name, network type, phone type, sim serial number, sim state, subscriber id)

WifiConnection (bssid, ip, linkspeed, macaddr, networkid, rssi, ssid)

WifiNeighbors (bssid, capabilities, frequency, level, ssid)

Root Check (root staus code, root status reason code, root version, sig file version)

Malware Info (algorithm confidence, app list, found malware, malware sdk version, package list, reason code, service list, sigfile version)

6 Passenger Vans

6 passenger vans to serve parties of 6 for the same low rates as our standard taxi's.



Wheelchair Access

24 Hour Demand and Appointment


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